reset and startup (rasu 1)

Reset and Startup first stage (RASU) I think maybe was the year 2011 when with my father, sister and a friend we decided to create a social experiment to boost the entreprenurial culture in the mind of the sud-30 in Chile...This first step was without support of any kind so we only had money for 1 poster design. :), That first year we did pretty well so we managed to get government money to continue giving life to the project. ($ 200,000 USD)+ sponsors etc.. In 4 years we had over 40 speakers ad honorem of really high profile, always teaching from their experience of failure and triumph… some of them as example: -Andrés Moreno / Founder -Alex Torrenegra / co-Founder -Nicolas Szekasy former CFO where he led its $333 million IPO In those 4 years we hit the north, south and center of our thin country, we met and encourage many young and not to young people from all regions and social strata of Chile, from nurses to teachers, from PhD to people without college degrees (like me), we all had a space to grown in rasu. Later this Event turned in to a community so I made a new logo ( you can see it in the next projects as rasu). This project bloomed and died at his best moment. just because we decided to go separate ways, was like a poetic act. :)

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